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Within the Dark Tide of the Sky


I’ve been experimenting with older forms of mixed media lately and so the idea of Victorian Decoupage really lit my fire.   I decided to use this medium while developing the concept for the site’s tarot series.

I found it necessary and even important to leave the flaws, the rough edges, the bends and scratches… and instead of neatly trimming the main images as a proper Victorian might do, i tore them instead.  Artists are constantly reinventing themselves…tearing out, mending fresh… evolving.

The original artwork of the women falling is by the Victorian-Classicist Herbert James Draper (1863-1920).  Incidentally,  Draper resided and eventually passed away at his home on Abbey Road… for all you Beatles folks.



Each Moment Will Have Its Hour


Why a falling girl?  Because this is what i feel like each time i experience a work of art that literally moves me.  It’s as if the planet has suddenly shifted its balance and i am no longer stable.  Art should make you think, it should leave you slightly off-kilter… it should make you want more.   Experiencing art should be like realizing love…. you should always be willing to fall.

Once again, the original study of the girl is by the Victorian-Classicist Herbert James Draper (1863-1920).


I Shall Call You Forth From Sleep


This is the piece that took the most time because i wasn’t exactly sure how i wanted to approach the idea of my work as a poet.  I knew that i needed to lend a darkness to it and i wanted to add in the idea of reincarnation.  If one particular art ever encompassed all the lives i believe i’ve had on this planet, it would be Poetry… i think it’s the one constant that stayed with me time and time again.

The feather needed to be black and white to balance the blood of the heart…I left the small imperfections because i think it added to the idea that the human heart is indeed flawed, and quite beautiful in those flaws.



When My Body Has Become Yours


I added the names of  the  three Muses of Greek Mythology:  Aoide (Muse of Song), Melete (Thought & Meditation), and Mneme (Memory) as homage.

The original image is a photo manipulation done by SaberBlossom Studios.  I kinda dig it.  I look like i’m up to no good but this isn’t rare for me so it seemed to be an appropriate choice.