On the Darkest Night of the Year

On the darkest night of the year,
i follow you through this faintness here,
and like a shining bangle on your wrist
i will worship and confess~

i will follow you to the orchard then,
be you sister or be you friend
and offering secrets not mine alone
tell your heart as if it were my own~

Shall i sing of things to come,
of things not found, of things unknown~
and speak of questions, not yet asked
of all that’s gone, of all that’s passed?

For we are more than what’s left behind
creatures of another time
weaving our gowns from borrowed thread
of what we are and what we’ve been~

so i will follow you, where you go
discover you still from what i’ve known
and like that threading in your dress
i will worship and confess~