Speaking in Tongues

I place upon your lips these words,
to speak out loud where ever you go-
to wrap around your tender body
as i would my own mouth
with a sensual gasp as these lips part,
hovering over you.
I would lay down speech
subtly, over your pale, warm feet and let
it trickle slowly down your arches
like bath water
to comfort and dissolve you
in hot, embracing waves-
licking your calves on the way up,
longing to tremble against your hips,
i could do this for you-
if only you would take these words
and bend them around your giving form,
take them into yourself, each shivering syllable
melting against your vibrant tongue,
embrace this language and
feel it’s hunger throb and resound,
a secret lover or a fetish that
appeases your darker side-
it is a dialect that i translate,
a tongue i will speak for you alone.