A Love Song… sort of~

This is a love song,
sort of…

About the span of your shoulders
as you lift the beam,
level the window, plaster the seam-
and the roof could fall, darlin’
i would not care,
as long as your kilt
guides my stare.

The wide stride, the length of leg
as you stretch beneath
the willow’s rustling leaves-
and the sky could fall, darlin’
i’d still be here,
as long as that blond
gilts your hair.

If i were the flask that graced against
the curve of your mouth,
i could be, i guess-
the woven plaid that covers your back,
your muscular arms
or even your chest-

And the world could end, darlin’
that would be fine
because all the aforementioned
would surely be mine-
Then this could be a song
about all the above,
more about need, less about love.