Becoming (Ultrasounds)

I am at first, the droning of a heartbeat.
I am at first my mother’s
and then, I am my own.
The lining of the womb encases my body but never the soul
that travels far and wide beyond this earthly cavern.
Only Her humming anchors me in space and yet… only temporarily-
As I am evolving… I am becoming.
Newborn I will be, from my first squalling breath
Until my last rasping gasp-
Ever learning, ever discovering, ever desiring
the passions and addictions that will one day express me.
I am a moment in time, I am all times
I was at first my mother’s and now,
I am my own.


Author’s NoteI was approached by the phenomenal artist/photographer Roberto Duran to compose a piece for his brilliant  “Ultrasounds” project.

I adore Roberto and his work so i jumped at the opportunity…. as you can imagine… it’s always an incredible honor be able to lend something to someone whose work you love and admire.  Thank you, Roberto!

Please visit Roberto and his work at the link provided below: