On any other night,
i may have let you pass by~
along the river, past the benches
beneath dimly lit gaslight that catches
the angle of your cheekbone
as you turn back and look
to a woman you may have imagined~

Your evening is mapped out in your brain
sending images that flicker and stutter,
halting in jerky gestures like the
nudie picture shows down by the Penny Arcade~
celluloid girlies with sepia toned smiles
on any other night…
they might have kissed you


I am already in front of you,
i am already tasting you in my head~
imagining the smooth coppery planes
of your existence
the throb of your pulse against my tongue,
holding you fast between my thighs, beneath the secretive
folds of my gown.
i am already damp from your struggle….
i am already living your life~

of you…

i shall not resist your earthiness,
your warm, gasping breath
catching the air in a crystallized vapor
of winter~
the warmth of your body beneath
how i will myself beneath each layer,
transcending the animated skin
to vein,
…the becoming one with you~

You will have convinced yourself
that you wanted this,
that in some distorted dream,
i have had you before~
the last halting smile of your recollection
as you wonder…

…have i seen her before?
…do i know the scent of her?
…was she one of those girls on the screen….?


Little do you know as i slip toward shadow,
that your perfection was